Another person having negative effects due to the POISON-INJECTION~

Those who who refuse to educate themselves, think for themselves, and empower themselves, will have to face the consequences of living such a lifestyle of a willing sheep that does not take responsibility for their MIND/BODY/SPIRIT/REALITY. It’s just sad that people have to turn out like this for others to wake the hell up~

You’re all doing a great job.

Congratulations 😂

Sheeple have become neurotic and unhinged.

American Taxes Funded Dangerous Studies On Bats In A Chinese Lab

U.S. National Institutes for Health sent $15 million to EcoHealth Alliance, which conducted dangerous coronavirus studies in communist China.

EcoHealth, the company that funneled money to the WIV, which conducted hazardous coronavirus studies, received a $750,000 Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan, the program that provided loans to businesses during the COVID-19 lockdowns.

It’s conceivable that EcoHealth used taxpayer dollars to fund dangerous scientific experiments in China, which kicked off a global pandemic, then received taxpayer aid to keep their business afloat during the very pandemic they may have started.