From “We The Media” channel at TELEGRAM:

Don’t really care what your sexuality is. This world is about free will and if you wanna cut your willy off to appease your mental disorder then so be it.

American tax dollars ain’t paying for it
American military ain’t paying for it
YOU are gonna pay for it.
And no one needs to hear about it

I don’t talk about my sex life
There isn’t a straight pride parade
There isn’t a straight pride month
Normal people don’t identify themselves based upon who they love or have sex with or what gender they are
Normal people don’t put on a show to celebrate or put on a pedestal as force others to celebrate their sexuality

I agree with not being hostile towards someone because of their sexuality. Treat everyone with love and kindness- that’s the Motto for life.

But that buck stops as soon as it involves shoving the perversion in my kids’ faces and forcing it to be a part of every facet of society, whether everyone else agrees or not. And don’t expect special handouts – it’s weird for you to think you should Be treated special based on your sexuality.

You wanna be straight or LGBTQXIAFAKE? Fine. Do it. But STFU about it- no one cares or wants to hear about it…AT ALL.

Self-proclaimed Catholic Joe Biden Displayed Transgender Flags at the White House for ‘Day of Visibility’ (during Holy Week as Catholics observe the Agony in the Garden, the Last Supper, the Crucifiction of Christ, and the Resurrection).

“Vice President Harris and I affirm that transgender Americans make our Nation more prosperous, vibrant, and strong,” the statement concluded. “I urge my fellow Americans to join us in uplifting the worth and dignity of every transgender person.”

That being said, if your sexuality involves kids or animals ………….