I was filing some info (The Epoch Times Awan Spy Ring inforgraphic) into 3-ring binders that detail the first three-plus years of George Webb’s investigations into the Clinton Foundation and the Globalist ratlines – the deep state’s underworld evil dealings – when I came across something long forgotten that is VERY relevant today.

Much of the information that was on Webb’s daily videocast reports has disappeared into the ether — YouTube took down all 4,000+ reports Webb recorded during the course of those years. But — I have the “cliff notes” – in some cases full transcripts of those reports. I was so fascinated by what George Webb was reporting that I filled four binders with notes from his investigations and research.

One report that grabbed my attention today was about vaccines and biological agents used on the battlefields. Taken from Day 98, Part 1 of his video report, Webb focused on vaccines. Please understand that the lead-up to the following began on page 182 — so I’m picking it up from a deep well/foundation of info Webb had previously reported. Some of this might seem oblique to you, not having the benefit of reading Webb’s build-up to this report, so I apologize in advance.

—Day 98, Part1 —

Porton Down Lab in England has a subsidiary called Porton International.

Porton International and Dyncorp group up to form DynCort, the biological weapons

The idea is basically this: you give a group of insurgents the vaccine (Webb calls it “the antidote to a virus”), then you spray the biological agent on the battlefield. It’s going to kill everyone on the battlefield that isn’t already pre-vaccinated.

Their dream would be to spray major cities in the US, and also the informants. Doug Coe’s group would live but the people who are working and not bothering anyone would die.

Mentions Tuskegee Syphillis Experiment, they even waited for the children to have congenital syphillis.

The CDC knowingly gave MMR vaccine to children at a young age when they knew there was a 335% increase in autism (see the 10 minute documentary in show notes)

It turned out there was double the chance of autism in black males

Trump had the FBI raid the CDC and there are two theories (unverified) that

  1. Trump’s child has autism and he believes something wasn’t right
  2. They went there to get rid of records related to the sex trafficking, organ trafficking

There’s a tunnel (DuPont DC underground) going into Comet Ping Pong Pizza

George puts up two maps and shows where he believes the tunnels are

The tunnels go under the foreign embassies also

At the pawn level it’s satanic, but at the chess level it’s a national program, one of many franchises of the (Epstein) Brownstone ops

–Day 98, Part 2 —

George recommends that Trump stop payments to all contractors immediately and then add them back one by one (if they are legit)

Jeff Salaiz right after the Haiti coup, he was the political military officer who met with Haitian officials and brought Dyncorp in

I’m going to call Salaiz and Thomas “social justice cut-outs.” I’m not sure if they even know they are (CIA) cut-outs

Iliana Lapidos-Salaiz has a ten-year history with USAID with HIV vaccination drugs

The big criticism of USAID is watered-down HIV drugs

George speculates about pro-oxidants and the breakdown of biological electron transport

The movie “Constant Gardener” is about a shaky test in Kenya

Social justice people probably don’t know about the behind-the-scenes movements of people at the top

Barack Obama is thought to be one of the CIA kids

The reason why Haiti is used is because they have a weak government that we can totally control. They have the Sword of Damocles hanging over them. You need a weak government in order for an outside government to turn it into an international human trafficking capital of the world. (and that’s what HRC and her widespread global cabal have done)

The Haitian women are threatened. If they talk to a foreign officer, they’ll be killed. That’s why they don’t talk.

–Day 98 Part 3 —

Going to introduce the triple P, PPP – Public Private Partnership

The idea behind PPP, like United States going to a private international corporation like DynCorp, you get all the expertise of the private sector with economies of the public sector, so you’re not recreating the wheel. In fact, DynCorp does the opposite. They run all research and development through the and with government ($$$) and then they get the rights (patents) and get all the profit. They do this for warfare, for IT, for policing, for vaccine and virus development, and for any and all forms of organ harvesting. The sex trafficking is just to get control and corrupt the police forces so that you can use them to corrupt other police forces.

The Bourne Legacy is all about this – creating a virus so you can create vaccines. $$$

You’re going to find that the Swine Flu was developed at CDC. Make money coming and going.

DynPort-DynCorp and Porton International joint venture. (see Muckety app.)

Emergent threats in the bioweapons domain is “what they are going to be throwing as us?”

Emergent Biosolutions Inc

Swine Flu, Zika flu, Ebola, are going to be developed. George says even AIDs was developed, though people will say that’s a ‘conspiracy theory.’

–Day 98, Part 4 —

DynCorp makes the government develop things and then they take all the profit.

Zsolt Harsanyi – head of Emergent Biosolutions running DynPort

Center for New American Security – Hillary’s PNAC linked to DynPort

George says most of the deaths in Rwanda were from viruses, not from the soldiers

There are riots today in Haiti

I’d like ambassadors to come onto an AMA

If you want to support a real human rights leader, support Danto in Haiti

The CIA is nothing if not consistent

There will be vectors for Zika in the southwest

–Day 99, Part 1 —

DynCorp has a kind of God complex. They justify doing bad things because it is done to our enemies, but they get to decide who our enemies are.

Booz-Allen-Hamilton is a type of PPP; it is a huge vendor for the NSA

The Carlyle Group is an old boys group for oil

George has been investigating child sex trafficking since 2003

Journalists wouldn’t be saying these things all over the world in countries where DynCorp has been operating if DynCorp weren’t doing all these things.

Bill Swing and Cemex will be making all the roads and sidewalks instead of the houses he’s supposed to be building.

If you have migrations from social programs of people going in different ways, it’s hard to track any one person, so that’s doe purposely.

Just give me the emails and I’ll sub it out thru Booz-Allen.

There’s a hundred different ways they can set you up. They’ll find something. The longer you wait, the worse it will get.

You want to think of DynCorp as a corporation.

CIA didn’t create Wall Street. Wall Street created the CIA, to use intelligence services to make $$$

–Day 99, Part 2 —

Homan Square is a CIA black site in Chicago

CIA has lng used poor neighborhoods as drug shipment points. The late Gary Webb wrote about it in Dark Alliance.

CIA was shipping drugs in and arms out for Iran-Contra

Same thing happened at Mena Airport (Arkansas, Bill Clinton, Bill Barr, Terry Reed, et al)

Jaime Armstrong intelligence provocateur, Mormon with a social justice face

They call them “surveillance actors. Surveillance role players.

They didn’t release the names of the two “Sudanese” (really Saudi) doctors that were vacationing in Iran that were detained in NY and released.

If someone can get us the names of these doctors, that will unravel this

Trump now knows what’s going on. Even though he stopped the doctor, they are still planning to have a fundraiser there

Tim Ballard, ex-DHS, now CEO of Operation Underground Railroad – the Haitian child, the Haitian Heart logo

There’s always a kind of “wink” in the heart design

The training for the White Helmets for the heart removals done for DynCorp in Syria and nourse training was in Aman, Jordan – I don’t have a lot of proof points yet

Podesta’s organ art is a type of advertising for organ sales – he’s saying “I sell hearts”

Everyone in this room has to believe this guy laying down is a pedophile. That’s how you justify removing his heart.

George discusses Chicago crime stats.

There’s a conspiracy theory about underground tunnels from Denver International airport going to huge military defense facilities.

The idea is that if the Russians did attack, they would blow up Cheyenne Mountain and all the CIA would be safe in Estes Park

Maybe I just blew that cover there! I don’t feel bad about it because they are sexbaiting women and girls. If they stop this Operation Underground Railroad, then I’ll stop talking about the underground railroad to Estes Park. That’s a deal.

2 to 4 am Onsite Health Services, the hospital ship “Comfort” would arrive at the Haitian port.

Day 99, Part 3 —

JTTF is for getting political enemies and journalists, not real terrorists or bad guys.

I’m also going to say that John McAfee original virus writer is probably CIA

Going to start calling Brownstone operations “cam (camera) ops”

Marine traffic app lets you see where the ships are. George points out — and this is key — that the USN Comfort is in the port of Norfolk, VA

In the book “American heart of Darkness”, its about MacDonald’s contention that drugs were put into bodies being sent back to the US from Vietnam

George names all the culpable medical centers.

The two doctors that Trump stopped – I believe you’re going to see a link back to Partners in Health

I’m going to put Paul Farmer in the picture and have him training a couple of doctors in Haiti (in Pignon) and another doctor I’ll name later.

Gradually all the heart harvest doctors’ names will come out.

I believe there’s a training center in the middle east in Aman, Jordan and other training centers for Africa in Sudan.