If you’ve been following the Q “drops”, you’ll get where she’s going with this. If you’re new to the Q platform and communication style, don’t get frustrated. Just follow along and pick it up where you can. It will all make sense eventually as events unfold. Remember, The Real Kim Shady has been at this since the beginning. She’s one of the original “anons.”

Here’s a lengthy thread she posted at Twitter beginning April 2 and ongoing even now. I’ll repost it here, but you can follow her at TELEGRAM (see my previous post) or at her Twitter account. (I’m surprised it is still up!)

Here goes:

After 4 very long, hard & trying years, this is, for me, ๐Ÿ’ฏ confirmation that this is really happening!

Nothing can stop what is coming.

Shout Out to JuliansRum as well

The thread continues for several more posts – 74 tweets and counting. If you are on Twitter, you can read the rest here: