Today there was a gentleman stationed just inside the entrance to the BIG BOX Store where I went in to buy a couple of items. He saw I was unmasked and nicely asked if I would wear the one he was attempting to hand me. I smiled and said no thanks, I don’t wear a mask. He paused a bit uncertainly, then asked if it was for “medical reasons.” I said “yes it is.” He then smiled, seemingly relieved, and waved me on, wishing me a pleasant day.

That’s all there was to it.

Inside the store, I noted all the shoppers who were wearing masks. All of them but for two or three. We have a lot of sleeping sheep that will take time to wake up. Many of them are older folks who have probably done nothing worse in their lives than a parking ticket. They’re obedient. Taught to be so.

It’s going to take some time to before they learn that rebelling against an oppressive government is not a bad thing.


Maskless in public.

Florida, USA