I will NOT take the CCP Flu vaccine.

Why not?

(1) From a real world viewpoint:

(a) It is only FDA-approved for experimental use. There are no studies of significance or longevity establishing the effects, if any, on human beings.

(b) The CCP Flu has a survival rate near 99% and there are several readily available and effective medical treatments if one contracts the virus. Consult your doctor and truthful medical literature.

(c) It has not been proven to prevent the virus on a long term basis or the recurrence or spread of the virus.

(d) There are documented concerns about how the CCP Flu vaccine impacts your immune system and neurological system.

(e) Never act out of fear. Be fearless. Trust God.

Please understand, as you know to be true, that I am a lawyer (and a little bit a preacher). I am not a doctor and claim no medical expertise or experience.

I just try my imperfect best to apply my instincts, common sense, and do my own research from reliable sources.

Those same tools strongly suggest to me that the “vaccine passport” is nothing more than a mechanism to monitor and control us.

I choose to live FREE.

Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸