JuliansRum at TELEGRAM writes:

“My parents are boomers and Trump supporters. Sadly and frustratingly, they’re also very supportive of Covid vaccinations.

Obviously there are many conservatives their age who aren’t. But there are MANY who are.

Their generation’s been so thoroughly media conditioned that they seem unable to either grasp or accept the underlying machination driving our current paradigm.

They’re getting older. They’re feeling their mortality now more than ever. I get that.

But their fear has sealed their minds into a dark and cramped microcosm. It conceals the macrocosm that’s all around them. And they can’t wake up until they understand the reality of the macrocosm:

There’s evil in this world. A well-organized, strategic, and subversive evil. And it aims to enslave us all.

I pray they see.

“bUt TrUmP sUpPoRts ThE VacCiNe”

He has to for those mainstream conservatives like my parents still reliant upon external voices instead of their own. Here’s the real question:

Does Trump support the measures [they] are trying to implement in conjunction with the vaccine (covid vaccination id, vaccination passports, proof of vaccination to travel/trade/work)?

NO. Why?

I’ll say it again: the vaccine itself, in my opinion, is largely benign. BUT it’s a benign means to a malevolent end:

To fully and formally brand, catalog, and control the world population while identifying and isolating the “problem” pockets (me and you) who refuse the mark.

Remember the words of Q: