Disturbing links between the death of Avicii and the elite pedophile rings he was working to destroy continue to surface, with friends of the DJ and producer…


Why was Avicii and so many other artists / actors killed “as a suicide” even though they said to people they weren’t suicidal? The media constantly pushed Avicii’s death as a suicide and they blamed Paul Walker’s death as reckless driving.

Paul Walker was in Haiti with his charity group “Reach Out Worldwide” after hearing about what had happened and how many children were displaced and being kidnapped.

Chester Bennington (member of music group Linkin Park and believed to be the son of John Podesta) also there.

Both are now dead. Both were indirectly assassinated by the Clintons.

So many lives were lost trying to expose these evil humans.

Check out this video from Avicii – “For a Better Day” he is exposing Human Trafficking