Today marks twelve years since Americans decided they’d had enough.

Type in “Tea Party” in the SEARCH box on my home page, and you’ll see dozens and dozens of posts I’ve written during those twelve years about the Tea Party movement and my involvement in it with the Tea Party Express and my online radio program, many episodes done from the road.

Amazing to realize that it’s been TWELVE years already!!!

Looking back on my Tea Party-related posts, we hit the road in 2009 with the Tea Party Express.

I think we can agree that the birth of the Second American Revolution is what brought forth the MAGA movement. And it’s still growing – a groundswell of “We’ve had enough” and we’re tossing tea into the harbor again.

Pray we’re as successful as our founders and the colonists who fought tyranny who brought forward this amazing and exceptional nation.

In Orlando, FL

My photo on the back of the bus. Andrew Breitbart, Happy Warrior, at the mic in Searchlite, NV

Searchlight, NV – “Harry Reid’s Backyard”

Thousands of photos and even more memories! We made history. We are Americans!