JFK Historian Robert Morrow writes:

In my opinion, the JFK head X-rays were faked to cover up a gaping blowout exit wound in the back of JFK’s head. Faking the JFK head x-rays probably occurred after the publication of Josiah Thompson’s Six Seconds in Dallas book that highlighted the blow out wound in the back of JFK’s head and posited a head kill shot from the front right. The faked JFK head x-rays fooled the Clark Panel and it fooled the pathologists on the HSCA. They faked JFK head X-rays were a critical tool of the cover up of JFK’s death.

Dr. Chesser gives an excellent presentation on the X-rays. Dr. Michael Z. Chesser is a neurologist located in Little Rock, AR

April, 2021 Presentation by Dr. Michael Z. Chesser on the X-Rays of JFK’s head

Reviewing the Autopsy X-Rays


Robert Morrow

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