Many years ago when I hosted a daytime radio talk show in Melbourne FL, a well-known ice cream maker held a contest that was open to everyone, challenging them to develop a new ice cream flavor.

One of the contestants – a local – created a garlic-favored ice cream. It was horrible!

During the publicity campaign for this contest, the ice cream maker sent around a representative dressed in a white lab coat complete with pink plastic spoons tucked into his vest pocket. Mr. Ice Cream rep came to my studio after we had promoted the contest and we invited the top three contestants to join us on-air to present their iced creations for Mr. Ice Cream rep to sample.

Needless to say, the garlic-flavored ice cream was NOT the winner!

I was reminded of this ice cream incident when I came across a TRIVIA Genius article about “The Delicious History of Ice Cream”

It’s a fascinating story, and I dare you to guess where the original “ice cream” was launched.

You’ll have to read the story to find the answer. And given that many of us will be enjoying that sweet, creamy, cold treat this holiday weekend, you will be able to impress your family and friends with your ice cream knowledge!