Do you say: Merry December 25th?

Do you say: Happy 4th Thursday in November?

Do you say, Happy January 1st?

So stop saying “4th of July” when you mean Independence Day!

I can think of all sorts of nefarious reasons why we don’t use the correct and very patriotic term for the anniversary of our nation’s founding, but there are ribs to be smoked, and baked beans to be doctored with bacon, and ice cream sandwiches to be built, and that’s more fun than frothing at the mouth on perhaps the most important political anniversary in history.

We are blessed; we live in the greatest country on earth, and one that was founded on principles that are as important today as ever. The future seems dark, but we have the foundation built already…all we need is a renovation!

–CBD at Ace Of Spades HQ


And that reminds me… why, WHY do so many folks wish each other a “Happy Memorial Day” on the most somber day of reflection dedicated to honoring and remembering those who served and gave their lives in defense of our Constitution and our country?

Folks who should know better do it all the time. It gets under my skin. And I’m not even a Gold Star.

Imagine how Gold Star families must cringe when they hear this well-intended but ignorant phrase coming from fellow Americans who should know better? Consider this a friendly reminder to think before one speaks.

Just saying…