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From the page of Garrett M. Ziegler on TELEGRAM (do a search for him here on my website. He’s legit.)

This was forwarded BY him from “D Swampkiller,” another patriot who knows about things…

Read on…

“Italy is used by literally every other country bigger than them – chief among them are China and the U.S.

There are conservative forces in Italy just like there are here. They are a much smaller country than us though, roughly the size of AZ. Everyone knows everyone else over there, they’re packed on top of each other. If they were up to no good at the Rome embassy you can be sure someone talked. Italians never stop talking.

My point is… the Italian government, the Vatican, the mafia, etc., they’re famously corrupt. But it all happened for a reason and it’s bc all the countries surrounding Italy have trade incentive with them. That country is one massive seaport basically. Everyone wants/needs to do business with them and that inevitably leads to corruption. 

It’s not just boats either, it’s oil, and it’s fiber optic cables. They connect much of the world to Europe and the middle-east. Obama knew this and exploited it. The biggest mistake he made was allowing Joe to run. He had to though, it was the safest bet at someone he could control.

Now this… forwarded by Ziegler from Kanekoa the Great:

6/14/21 – “If you vote with CCP-machines, you are going to elect CCP-candidates.”


Ziegler replied:

“My good friend Mark Cook took this picture. We infiltrated the election equipment storage facility in Sacramento County, CA, and documented all of the violations of law.  VOIP phones, ballot printers, et al. It was a mess. He made sure to copyright these photos as they were shared widely. 

The election system in the United States is a giant DMV. And you know what a DMV feels and sounds like.

Mark is one of the dozens of ppl who offered their skills and resources during the coup. He sought no credit. Didn’t even get reimbursed from the RNC for the thousands he spent. It all went to the gay RNC leadership (literally—they’re all homosexuals) and Mitt Romney’s niece’s slush fund.

The American people need to see this, because the lying press buried it and John Brennan lied about it being Russian “disinformation.” 

And according to Joe, a home wrecker his own self, and our fake President, the degenerate son featured here is “the smartest man I know, I mean, from a pure intellectual capacity.”

The reason a fair number of you haven’t heard of Five Eyes (FVEY) is because they do not want you to think about it.  They want anyone in these countries to be able to legally surveil you, and for you to just accept it as part and parcel of the Bezos/Gates dystopia we find ourselves in. 

As someone who held a TS/SCI clearance, I can tell you that it is not in our National Interest to be in this “alliance” any longer.  

Just see who opposes me on this … it will be all of our enemies: The Forever Wars people, the Globalists, the tech oligarchy. All of the groups deracinating the United States, its people, and their Land.”

And then there’s THIS:

Written by Samizdat Scriptorium:

“If Congress had balls it would investigate the origins of all Big Tech and the extent to which they started as DARPA spin outs and/or with In-Q-Tel financing. Public money and technology developed in part with public money and resources. That makes them quasi-government entities and thus subject to the First Amendment under existing precedents.

Of course, trying to get that information and make those arguments would likely get you an unfortunate accident or a sudden bout of terminal depression.”

To which Garrett M. Ziegler replied:

“Thereeeee we go… DARPA and In-Q-Tel … the real, lesser known players in our corrupt system … if I could be cut loose on those entities…”

If you’re on TELEGRAM, it might behoove you to join Garrett M. Ziegler’s channel. This former Trump White House staffer is ON IT.

As “Masked Smiley Face” wrote:

“I really appreciate that, Garrett.  I was away from my computer for a week, and was about 400 posts behind on all the channels I follow.  I looked at WTM and CM, and then just bumped the others to current because they all basically say the same thing.  Am now reading through all your posts to catch up because I don’t find the info parroted anywhere.  Thanks for your hard work!”

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