Does someone’s messaging suggest that they view you as a threat?

Some of us come here to ask questions.

Prior to the November 2020 election, did Facebook, Twitter and YouTube designate in advance mainstream media sources that would be authoritative decisionmakers on the election outcome? 

Prior to the November election, did Facebook, YouTube and Twitter censor posts that questioned the validity of certain election procedures?

If the November 2020 election was “stolen,” do you think the DC swamp knew about that plan in advance?

Did the swamp expect Trump to make public statements questioning the election outcome if he lost?

Did social media companies label and remove Trump’s posts and then ban him?

Did the DC swamp expect vocal criticism of the election by Trump supporters?

Did social media companies ban Trump’s most popular supporters?

Did politicians anticipate the possibility that the truth about the November election might be made public?

Would skepticism toward the election call into question the legitimacy of the office of elected officials?

Did politicians perceive in advance a need to have a guaranteed accusation they could bring against Trump supporters after the election?

Can actions be planned in advance that make an innocent party appear guilty?

How would citizens react if they thought they had been set-up by elected leaders and then prosecuted?

How might elected leaders try to secure their own safety in the event of widespread public outrage?

Does the Capitol Police force function as a normal law enforcement agency?

What legislative body controls the Capitol Police?

Did the Capitol Police recently announce plans to open field offices in California and Florida?

Where do Nancy Pelosi and President Trump live?