From the People’s General:

“Maricopa County officials (and other county and state officials around the nation who are hiding from the truth or lying to the American people and to themselves), The American public is willing to forgive you, if you own up to your mistakes. This doesn’t mean you will not still be held accountable but you will be forgiven. There are always consequences to one’s actions. But when you try to deny your bad behavior and get caught and don’t own up, you will never be forgiven and your life (or lives) will be miserable and you’ll never recover. The truth always rises to the top and yes, good does overcome evil. May God help you in this time of personal trial because living in darkness for the rest of your life will be pure misery.”

— RealGenFlynn, TELEGRAM


“It’s their decision.  They have to live with it.  Not us. We know they aren’t humble at all.  So don’t think we will need to forgive anyone.  They’re gonna choose to go down.  And go down hard.”