Earlier I wrote about George Webb’s investigation into what went on in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake and the Clinton Foundation swooped in to gather riches.

More to that story after digging some more…

TIMELINE (posted July 19, 2017)

“This interview really disturbed me to the point I am losing sleep now thinking of these connections. My mind is working overtime and I know ATS as a fairly decent place to parse out the links. I am going to attempt to do that in this posting. . I have only highlighted things people may not know. The rest is easy to google on your own, I am not your link master . All links in this timeline chain are related to the fraud case, the DNC succession, the Haiti fund, Clinton Foundation, or you know convenient deaths.  

Haiti / Clinton Foundation / Human Trafficking / DNC – Timeline

January, 2010 – Earthquake hits Haiti. 
February, 2010 – Laura Silsby caught trying to smuggle 33 children out of Haiti Here.  
February, 2010 – Cheryl Mills accused of pulling strings to help Laura Silsby. Either way, Laura Silsby’s charges were reduced and she was allowed to leave Haiti with time served. Here and Here
2011 – Tim Kaine resigns from DNC chairperson  
April 5th, 2011 Obama selects Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (Debbie is a Congresswoman from Florida) as DNC Chairperson  
December, 2012 – Bush Clinton Haiti fund closes with over $50 million in donations Here
— Clinton Foundation accused of grafting from their own Haiti Fund —  
Late 2015 – Hillary Clinton announces presidential run. 
2016 – Debbie only schedules six debates in fear Sanders will win. Claims there is no bias.  
February, 2016 -DNC rolls back donation caps and starts the Hillary Victory Fund Here
March 5, 2016 – Donna Brazile leaks questions to Clinton.  
July, 2016 – Shawn Lucus serves DNC lawsuit and Debbie lawsuit Here
July 10th, 2016 – Seth Rich is murdered (worked on voter fraud) 
July 22nd, 2016 – Tim Kaine becomes the VP candidate. 
July 24th, 2016 – Debbie resigns as DNC chairperson  
July 24th, 2016 – Donna Brazile becomes interim chairperson of the DNC  
July 24th, 2016 – Debbie is hired on by Hillary’s campaign. Here
August, 2016 – Shawn Lucus mysteriously dies from an overdose Here 
Late October, 2016 – DNC Fraud lawsuit opens 
November 12th, 2016 – Monica Peterson “commits suicide,” was investigating human trafficking in Haiti. Here.
April 25th, 2017 – Hearing is set for DNC fraud lawsuit  
May 24th, 2017 – Debbie threatens chief of police in Washington DC about laptop which may be related to leaks and Seth Rich.  
May 26th, 2017 – Beranton J. Whisenant Jr, federal prosecutor found dead in Hollywood Florida (related to visa, passport, and voter fraud cases) Here
May 31st, 2017 – Stephen Wasserman (brother to Debbie) is suspected helping bury the Seth Rich case though there is no solid evidence.  
June, 2017 – [Florida attorney] Elizabeth Beck gets a strange phone call using voice masking traced back to Debbie’s Florida office which was ‘under renovation’. Here
June, 2017 – Elizabelth Beck’s employee given DNC literature (despite no campaigns in Florida at the time) felt threatened. Here
June, 2017 – Elizabeth Beck states Seth Rich and Shawn Lucus are examples in her file for protection from the court Here
June, 2017 – Elizabeth Beck’s employee had house broken into and the back of their laptop removed Here
July 12th, 2017 – Klaus Eberwein “commits suicide” in Miami Florida, Eberwein was scheduled to appear Tuesday before the Haitian Senate’s Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission, the head of the commission. Here.
July 13th, 2017 – Peter Smith “commits suicide” related to Clinton emails. Republican opposition researcher who reportedly tried to obtain emails thought to be stolen from Hillary Clinton’s private email server. Here
July, 2017 – Elizabeth Beck connects items for Owen Shroyer.  

What Elizabeth Beck connects is the following:

Beranton J. Whisenant is related to a Jay Plotkin because both served at the State’s Attorney Office in Jacksonville Florida. 2004-2007. Mayo Clinic was sued in 2015 with Judge Harvey Schlesinger presiding over an organ transplant case. Jay Plotkin is Judge Harvey Schlesinger’s son in law. After the federal prosecutor was murdered then on June 8th, 2017, the Judge threw out the case against Mayo Clinic.  

The Mayo Clinic is related to the Clinton Foundation through fundraising. High Government Officials sit on the Board of the Emeritus Trustees include: Tom Brokaw, Barbara Bush, Dick Cheney, Thomas Dashal, and Paul Bulker.  

Clintons are related to Haiti, and Klaus was related to Haiti before he “committed suicide” in a hotel close to Elizabeth’s office. He was about to testify about handling of Haiti relief funds. Peter Smith who was looking into Hillary emails was found dead in a hotel “from suicide” – hotel that is utilized primarily for Mayo Clinic patients.  

The implications: There is human trafficking (for organs) from Haiti to the Mayo Clinic through the Clinton Foundation and Deep State and those who could expose this are all dead now. 

This is all starting to make more sense now.  
Humor me and have a look at this thread : 

Breaking FOIA Expose: Clinton Foundation’s Ties To Known Head of Human Organ Trafficking And Arms 

Organ trafficking is a multi-billion dollar business. That makes much more sense to me. So I started looking into the Awan Brothers and any ties they have to organ trafficking. This is by George Webb.Webb comes from a Big Data analysis background and is now working on a 3D printing venture but lately, he’s been on a road trip through Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Philadelphia and Baltimore, following the leads which are unveiling unfathomable corruption, involving everything from Congressional office break-ins and thefts of hard drives to government-subsidized heroin smuggling to organ harvesting. 

Heroin? Mena Arkansas anyone? Afghanistan? Regardless –  

– It is believed that the Awans are part of a network feeding a global information grid in association with overseas rat-lines 
– Rat-lines are routes for weapons smuggling, drug smuggling, human trafficking, organ harvesting, and sensitive information 
– Awans have links to drug lines from Pakistan to Turkey, connected to Hezbolla figure, Al-Attar, and exiled Turkish national Gulen. 

I found some other information pointing to a global market for organs from children. 

“Those organs were then “shipped out of Albania and sold to private overseas clinics as part of the international ‘black market’ of organ-trafficking for transplantation.” – “… many abducted civilians brought over the border into Albania from 
Kosovo.”. This is a very, very interesting link.

Perhaps with their Kosovo Albanian market dried up they moved the operation Haiti side. Here’s a bunch of ‘corneas’ lovingly donated by the dead in Haiti. Here

There is a DynCorp connection where they are found guilty of sex/human trafficking (Bosnia, Columbia, Afghanistan). Despite being linked to human trafficking DynCorp kept governmental contracts Here and Here.. They also ‘misplaced’ a billion dollars but the people working on that got positioned in Clinton’s circle under Deputy Secretary Jack Lew in the State Department Here. This is in relation to Afghanistan which I might mention again…Heroin.  

Back to George Webb. Here’s his findings that link to DynCorp and the Awans further: Here

There is a DynCorp connection where they are found guilty of sex/human trafficking (Bosnia, Columbia, Afghanistan). Despite being linked to human trafficking DynCorp kept governmental contracts Here and Here.. They also ‘misplaced’ a billion dollars but the people working on that got positioned in Clinton’s circle under Deputy Secretary Jack Lew in the State Department Here. This is in relation to Afghanistan which I might mention again…Heroin.  

Back to George Webb. Here’s his findings that link to DynCorp and the Awans further: Here

It’s no wonder this woman is terrified. At first I saw her eyes in the first part of her Owen interview she widens them, glances left and right, I thought she was on drugs, but I think she was trying to stop herself from crying. Her eyes widen only when organ harvesting is mentioned. Things that make you go ‘hmmm’.

Tom Brokaw, Dick Chenney, Barbra Bush and did I hear correctly a Mr Dachell [Daschle] also?  

A lot of people (high profile) turning up dead in Miami. The connections she speaks of pertains to a Mayo Clinic where blood transfusion, organ donation and genetic modifications take place. 

Thank you and very well said. I am glad you have to decided to participate here and add real substance to this thread. 
Now if I may, I will post a transcript I managed to find for those that are two lazy to watch a video from a salty source. Then maybe they will “Get It.” 

Federal prosecutor Beranton Whisenant Jr found dead on beach 
Speculation he was connected to the DNC lawsuit 
Elizabeth was asked to look into that from concerned individuals 
here’s what she found: 
1) There is a Beranton Whisenant -> J Plotkin -> Jacksonville connection 
J Plotkin was the director of the State Attorney’s Office in Jacksonville from 1993 to 2009. Until Janury of 2009 he supervised all aspects of an office of 100 attorneys and over 300 support staff. 
Mr Beranton Whisenant is actually not a miami native even though he worked here and passed away in Broward County which is in South Florida. 
To the contrary, Mr. Beranton Whisenant is a native of Jacksonville Florida. He graduated from Bishop Kenney High School in 1997 and worked as an assistant state attorney with the 4th Judicial Circuit from 2004 to 2007. 
In other words, Mr Beranton Whisenant and Mr J Plotkin worked in the state attorneys office at the same time. 

There is a Jacksonville -> Mayo Clinic connection. 
Mayo Clinic has a hospital in Jacksonville Florida. 

There’s a Mayo Clinic -> Judge Harvey Schlessinger connection. 
A lawsuit was filed in 2015 in federal court in Jacksonville against the Mayo Clinic in connection with an organ transplant case. 
The judge presiding over that case was the Honorable Harvey Schlesinger. 

There’s a Judge Schlesinger -> J Plotkin -> Beranton Whisenant connection. 
J Plotkin is judge Harvey Schlesingers’ son-in-law. 

Mr Whisenant’s body was recovered on May 24th, 2017. On June 8th, 2017 Judge Schlesinger threw out the case against Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville on Summary Judgement. 

There is a Mayo Clinic -> Clinton Foundation connection. 
A number of hospitals, including Mayo Clinic and St Vincents co-sponsored a launch event in Northeast Florida in connection with the Clinton Health Matters Initiative. 

There is a Mayo Clinic -> High Government Officials connection. 
The numerous public trustees of the Mayo Clinic include a Thomas J Brokaw quite possibly Tom Brokaw. Barbara P Bush. Richard B CHeney, possibly Dick Cheney. Senator Thomas a Daschle and Paul a Volcker. 
The Mayo Clinic provides a full range of health services including organ transplants, bone marror transplants, blood transfusions and genetic medicine. 

There is a Clinton Foundation -> Haiti connection. 
There is a Klause Eber Wine -> Haiti connection. 
Klause Eber Wine, a former Haitian government official was found dead July 11th of this year with a gunshot wound to the head. He was found 14501 South Dixie Highway; A Quality Inn. 
This Quality Inn is 7.5 miles from my office. 

There is a Peter Smith -> Mayo Clinic connection. 
My Peter Smith (((purportedly))) took his own life May 14th, in a hospital in Rochester Minnesota near the Mayo Clinic called the Aspon Suites. 
The Aspon Suites is across the street from the St Mary’s campus of Mayo Clinic and is almost exclusively used by patients of the hospital. 
He (((purportedly))) left a suicide note which stated that “there was no foul play whatsoever” and “recent bad turn in health since January 2017” was the reason that he was taking his own life and the timing was related to “Life insurance of 5 million expiring”. 
He was purportedly searching for Clinton Emails.

The only place I could find this was from pol, but hopefully you naysayers of origin have read this before you judge where this came from.