David Clements, aka “The Professor” offers some sensible advice in these days and the ones ahead. Clements is working closely with Seth Keshel and others to get to the truth/proof of the 2020 election robbery.

I understand that there all kinds of different audit factions out there, many accusing the other of this and that.  

I understand that many have strong opinions of what they think should happen, and who should do what. 

I get that.  

Please be patient and put yourselves in the shoes of those that have to organize this monumental task.  

We will endeavor to adapt, improvise, and solve problems as they arise.  

Complaining, while it may make you feel better, doesn’t help.  

Offering to help in a civil manner, however, does.  

Remember, no one is making you join these audit groups.  

And no one is stopping you from creating your own and showing us how it’s done.  

This is completely volunteer driven. 

No one is paid.  

Most of the leaders are anonymous and deserve recognition but avoid it.  

We don’t work for you.  

You don’t work for us.  

We all work for the cause of liberty.  

Yep, lady liberty is our boss.  

And this is what spontaneous liberty looks like.