Here are some actual FACTS about the vaccine and COVID-19 with sources. Save the post, save your loved ones.

COVID-19 is a virus that contains two spike proteins, S1 and S2. The virus itself does some harm, which is different than than the damage the spike proteins do.

So, lets talk about the virus first. The virus functions similar to malaria mechanical function inside the blood. It rips the hemes off of your hemoglobin, making your blood not be able to transport oxygen to your organs. This is why COVID causes organ failure, and low oxygen levels. This is also why Hydroxychloroquine works against it, it prevents your hemes from being torn off your hemoglobin.

When your hemoglobin is ripped apart, you end up with free floating hemes that are toxic as well as radical Iron particles in your blood that your liver must remove, and when your liver gets overloaded, it is processed in the lungs, resulting in lungs becoming inflamed and filled with fluid. This is also why ventilators don’t work, people are breathing fine, they are low on oxygen because they are low on hemoglobin, and no amount of mechanical breathing can increase the amount of oxygen the blood can absorb without hemoglobin.

COVID and the Vax – Fri 30 Jul 2021 

Now, on to the spike proteins. When you get infected with COVID, the spike proteins go around infecting certain cells and injecting viral RNA (set of temporary instructions) and duplicating the virus. It takes about 1 week for your body to recognize the virus is bad and evoke a immune response.

When your body does this, it sends a bunch of monocytes to kill the infected cells. The spike proteins are eaten by the Classical Monocytes and SHOULD be destroyed inside of them, and then the monocyte will undergo apoptosis (die).

This is working for the S2 protein, but not the S1.

The S1 protein is being eaten by Classical Monocytes, but it is making the Monocytes change into Intermediate, and Non-Classical monocytes, and the S1 protein is NOT BEING DESTROYED in them, so they are refusing to undergo apoptosis.

A monocyte should only live for 1 day to 1 week, but the Non-Classical Monocytes with the S1 protein in them are not dying for up to 15 months or more. Dr. Bruce Patterson is leading the research on this.

So, even after your body has killed off COVID-19 inside of you, you have a bunch of monocytes presenting the S1 protein. These monocytes with the S1 protein can pass through the blood-brain barrier, and go anywhere in your body. They are causing vasodilation (increased size of blood vessels) throughout peoples body, inflammation of blood vessels, and nano clotting, especially in the capillaries. These nano clots and inflammation can cause heart attacks, fatigue, and all sorts of other problems. This is what is called Long Haul COVID.

So, remember, what the virus does, and what the spike proteins do are 2 different things. But, your body only responds by creating antibodies that will recognize and destroy the spike proteins (which neutralizes COVID’s ability to replicate within the body, thus killing COVID).

But the spike protein symptoms (vasodilation, inflammation, and nanoclotting) are not what the virus does (destroying hemoglobin).

NOW, to the vaccine. The vaccine injects either an adenovirus, or graphene oxide (toxic to humans in high doses, but processed by an enzyme from the lungs in 2-3 weeks usually) into your body.

The vaccine either had spike proteins in it (Pfizer and Moderna) or causes your cells to begin producing spike proteins via mRNA (Pfizer, Moderna, J&J, Astrazeneca, all of them but Novavax).

This causes your body to have an immediate immune response and begin producing antibodies against the spike proteins. This does make your body effectively immune to COVID if it worked properly.

But it doesn’t for 1 reason.

The S1 spike proteins being eaten by your Classical Monocytes are being turned into Non-Classical monocytes (which should die in 1 week or less normally) that are not undergoing apoptosis, and therefore never dying. These S1 presenting monocytes are going throughout the body and causing serious damage, and hurting your immune system.


Bruce Patterson suggests using several drugs in his protocol to achieve the goals. Ivermectin kills the virus, Statins prevent the S1 protein presenting Monocytes from attaching to your cells, and several drugs (including nicotine) can induce monocyte apoptosis.

When the S1 presenting Non-Classical monocytes undergo apoptosis, the S1 protein is destroyed, and the nano clotting, inflammation, etc. go away.

This is also why smokers have been shown to test positive for COVID symptoms 80% less than the general population, the nicotine effectively renders them immune to the effects of the S1 protein, and thus most of COVID’s symptoms.

So, now, does the vaccine work, and why is COVID and its variants killing people still?

Simply put, as your body is introduced to more and more COVID virus (or vaccines) your body begins building a larger and larger reservoir of very harmful S1 presenting Non-Classical Monocytes, that will eventually kill you.

So, if you had COVID, you have a reservoir already. If you get the vax, now you have even more. If you get a second vax, or encounter people with COVID, you get even more and more, until you die, unless you do something to induce apoptosis in your Non-Classical Monocytes.

So yes, the vaccine is not useless, it does immunize people against COVID, but it destroys their immune system by creating a reservoir of S1 protein presenting Non-Classical Monocytes that reduce the body’s ability to produce antibodies to fight off future COVID infection.

If you induce apoptosis in your monocytes, then the vaccine works, and is not overly dangerous. As it is right now, the vaccine is immunizing people against COVID, but then putting their body in a state that it can’t fight off COVID, as well as many other pathogens.

In addition, the vaccine can kill you, either immediately (via blood clotting), or long term via your reservoir of S1 presenting Monocytes. But COVID can do the latter if you are exposed to enough viral load, even over months or years.

TL;DR Buy some Ivermectin and Nicotine Lozenges and you can survive COVID-19 without vaxx or any side effects.