The [DS] is now pushing everything they have, all assets are now deployed. As the [DS] pushes their agenda the people see them encroaching on their rights, they see how they are dictators. Each move the [DS] makes will make it worse for them. The system is so corrupt that there is only one way. The storm is approaching and they know it, and they are moving as fast as they can to control the people, they are preparing blackouts, riots, all for the storm. Trump and the patriots have planned this from the beginning, this is war an information war and it will not end until the [DS] is brought to justice.


Infrastructure Bill Contains Billions for Border Crossings; $0 for Border Wall 

  • The new $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill contains billions of dollars to upgrade border crossings — but no money at all for the southern border wall, which President Joe Biden abandoned, despite an ongoing surge of illegal migration.
  • In addition, the infrastructure deal allocates hundreds of millions of dollars to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, under the Department of Homeland Security, but none of it for a border wall. $330 million is budgeted for “furniture, fixtures, and equipment for the land ports of entry modernized with funding provided” elsewhere in the bill, as above; and $100 million is provided for “for land port of entry construction, modernization, and sustainment.”


Feds exempting some illegal migrants from normal ID requirements on flights

  • As the Biden administration ramps up the release of illegal migrants detained at the southern border, they are exempting many from the Transportation Security Agency’s government photo ID rules for airline travel, giving them special permissions to fly after a background check.
  • TSA officials say they are confident the screenings that U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials are doing before migrants are permitted onto U.S. domestic flights is ensuring security 



Intervening parties in the case request to Judge Preska to speed up the declassification process of the documents that Ghislaine does not want released to the public. 

A small reminder that these docs will include reportedly THOUSANDS of highly recognized names. CEO’s, celebrities, politicians and more. 

The Judge already ordered the unsealing of the documents month ago. Ghislaine has been slow walking it to try and avoid release, All while she is preparing her criminal trial she faces.

Let’s see how Judge Preska responds in a day or two. 

As I’ve been saying, Ghislaine is also another HUGE bombshell the DS is doing their best to control. This is going to do serious damage to the names involved in these documents when they are unsealed. 

Eyes on 👀

August is already HOT 🔥

COVID Rules Are for the Little People: Obama to Hold Lavish 60th Birthday Bash for Himself at Martha’s Vineyard with 200 Staff and 475 Guests

  • Barack Obama is holding a lavish 60th birthday bash at his Martha’s Vineyard $12 million estatte.
  • So far, there are 475 confirmed guests with Pearl Jam set to play. Steven Spielberg is also set to attend the exclusive gala.
  • This happens as the rest of the country, the little people, are now required to mask up again due to the very contagious delta variant.