From a listener:

Hi Charlie (and team),

I am a nurse case manager working in Baltimore. I got my first nursing license in 1994. In all my years of practice I have never witnessed a definitive vaccine adverse event, injury or death. Now I see these things almost daily.

I am witnessing things that are absolutely insane; blood clots in urine, new onset seizure disorder, hemorrhaging, patients with altered mental status, patients who can no longer walk, heart attacks, strokes, bowel obstructions, severe debilitating pain, respiratory failure, critical lab values… and so much more. I also have personal knowledge of 6 deaths. Now I am starting to witness  “fully vaccinated” patients sick with COVID-19 who end up in the hospital. My friend, this shot is not at all what it was “marketed” to be.

I am mortified by the whole of the medical community and those in national leadership who stand down to the truth and what is right. Thank you for covering this topic. It needs massive public awareness. You have a powerful voice. I am sincerely grateful. 

If you would like more information, I am more than happy to share. Keep up the amazing work.

By Radiopatriot

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