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Taiwan is next. Biden’s cowardice in Afghanistan is like blood in the water to the sharks running communist China. They’ll devour him and spit out his dentures. #CowardBiden

The same clown who wants to take your guns just armed the Taliban beyond their wildest dreams…

Well, Biden may have screwed the pooch on Afghanistan, and the Russian oil pipeline, and inflation, and the border crisis, and rampant crime, and gas prices, and election fraud, but…

…I’m sure we can trust him on Covid!

It’s appalling that the President of the  United States would refuse to address the biggest geopolitical failure since the fall of Saigon with the most sycophantic press corps in American history. #BidenIsACoward

Joe Biden is a coward. He’s afraid to answer questions from a press corps who have his picture on their bedroom walls.

This guy is a catastrophe. Even the fluffers of mainstream media can no longer ignore it. The greater tragedy is that we have a cackling imbecile on deck if he resigns. #BidenMustResign

I’m guessing CNN anchors in Afghanistan won’t be sharing their pronoun choices anymore…  


Cruel metaphor. Accurate, but cruel.  


He was finallly right about one thing. This isn’t like Saigon. It’s much worse.    

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