Quoting Gen. Mike Flynn:

“With so many heads exploding on TV, social media, whatever, over the fall of Afghanistan to the Taleban (mine included). The citizens of the United States of America need to take a deep breath and really reflect on who we are as a nation.

Bad things happen all the time. We will be judged not that something bad happened but by what we do about it. Right now, we need to save the Americans in harms way, save as many others that we can and we need to thank God and pray for the men and women in our Military that are once again being sent back into the fray to accomplish another thankless mission that will likely place them all in harms way.

If people need to be removed from their positions (and I believe that some must—being caught this flat footed is inexcusable), that needs to happen but America cannot miss a beat saving our citizens who will be brutalized by an unforgiving enemy.

This is far from over and there will be untold negative strategic consequences for the United States that our nation’s leadership had better start preparing for. God bless our Military and may God continue to bless and protect America



Michael Flynn calls out Biden: Weak foreign policy leading to ‘end of the American dream’

Flynn warned that if Americans don’t start getting involved in local politics and standing up for their constitutional rights, the country will devolve into tyranny and anarchy.