Such good advice…

…from the Professor, David Clements, who wrote and posted this on his TELEGRAM channel:


Give things time.

I quoted the scriptures about Judas Iscariot last night.  I didn’t provide “a name” because I want you to use your own discernment, and not supply you with mine.

Many have reached firm convictions.

I haven’t reached all of my conclusions.  Some yes.  But not all.  Not even close.

Like a good Hercule Poirot mystery, there are many players on the grand stage.  Twists and turns are a given.

I believe we will find that there are several “Judas Iscariots” that will reveal themselves.

Is this disappointing?  Yes.  It’s heartbreaking.

Is this surprising?  Unfortunately, no.

See all of history.

The devil is desperate, and truth seekers are forcing the enemy into mistakes they didn’t plan on making.

Patriots are also making mistakes, myself included.  While unintentional, we need to learn from these painful experiences and keep working towards full forensic audits.

You all are digesting a lot of information, claims, and accusations.

I’ve urged caution and restraint to all I’ve spoken to.  Some are incapable of these qualities.

There is always a temptation to choose one patriot over another.

How exhausting.  Invariably, every one of them, myself included, will let you down.

It’s called being an imperfect sinner.

My allegiance is to God because He doesn’t make mistakes.  He’s perfect.

So I try to listen to Him.

Why don’t you try turning off the phone, computer, or livestream, and get in the Word, and see what He has to say about what we are dealing with?

Just a suggestion.

By Radiopatriot

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