My Son is the only one in his school not wearing a mask and this morning I blasted Pink Floyd’s The Wall in the car rider line ✝️🇺🇸💪🏼

I’m in Texas and chose to send my child to a private Christian school (after teaching public school for several years). My kid’s school masked all last year, and we did online so we didn’t have to cover breathing holes and give up our freedoms. This year, the kids are allowed to take their masks off outside only. So, every school day I drive my “online” kid to outside recess to see his friends.

My company tried to implement mandatory testing every 5 days. I emailed the head of HR the documents where it legally shows you can’t force a person to do this (including the maximum penalty). They reverted their decision. A small win for me and fellow employees 🙂


Student dragged out of Tennessee classroom by police for not wearing a mask.

Be like this kid.

He stood for what was right and didn’t back down. 

Others will follow your example.

Our mayor just reinstated the mandates today….

Took my girls shopping mask less and nobody said a word.   We were the only ones not wearing a mask but as we were leaving I heard this couple say “they’re not wearing a mask”.  Look back and see them taking theirs off.  

Totally made my day ❤️

I work for CVS. They mandated the first vax by Sept.15 and second by Oct. 31. It’s easy to get one at our pharmacies, they said. Of course no one mentioned the $40 a jab they’d get from the government. My husband is okay with me riding it out until they fire me. I detest unemployment but will take it. And I’ll find a job at a non-woke employer who isn’t pushing poison or diversity training. Feeling good tonight.

Health workers in #Besançon, France, burn their qualifications and throw away their white coats in protest at the vaccine passport now required to access hospitals, as well as obligatory jabs for staff.