…from Joe Oltmann before I call it a day:


“Listen… I learned a long time ago, never panic over the small losses. Don’t freak out… you can get angry. You can voice your frustration but at the end of the day, you have to decide how you fight. You cannot under any circumstances let them dictate how you fight. 

I have had lots of people tell me to stop posting about the trash corrupt judge and the lawyers for Coomer. I say no. I get to give you all transparency. This judge is a disgrace. She is a leftist activist and she thinks she can act with impunity. She breaks the law, bends the rules and continues to act as the proxy for Coomer who admitted to 1) destroying evidence. 2) lying about the posts. 

Coomer is trash. Dominion is trash. The fact we do not have transparency into WHO owns Dominion, RUNBECK, Smartmatic or even Hart or ES&S should tell you something about the radical leftist evil we are dealing with. It is time we stop pretending that they are good people. They are not good people, they are not good companies and you are all their slaves until you decide you are not. 

I’m not going to play their game. I’m going to fight…. Every step of the way, I am going to fight.”