“Yes is had to be this way. It had to get this bad and it will have to get worse. The election fraud would mean very little if this administration came in and succeeded. We needed them to  be this disastrous. While the election fraud is a crime, it doesn’t carry enough weight on its own to warrant the military intervention, but with every passing day we see the true depth of the Treason. I think that’s why just recently for the first time Trump refers to November 3rd as the true Insurrection.”

“Did y’all see that DeSantis is one upping Newsom?

Love it!

All the container ships not allowed to unload in CA are being welcome to FL…

Fuel up boys.. head out of CA get your goods to FL…  what a way to stick it to em…”

Patel Patriot wrote:

Watch the video clip above.

“..you wonder, is that incompetence or is that just a bad ideology?”

Trump used that phrase multiple times last night. Have you ever heard Trump use the phrase “ideology” before at a rally? I’ve been trying to think of any other rally he’s used it in and can’t think of any. If you can let me know. 

The reason I think it is interesting is because in Devolution – Part 12 – “Playbook”, I have a whole section on “Ideology”


Maybe Trump read my article 😂😂

Yes, devolution is only a part of the overall plan. Don’t forget Trump is at war with the global puppet masters controlling the puppets in this country. Devolution devolves the military in order to protect the country from the enemy combatants that have assumed control. They don’t control everything which is why Biden can still do some things.

The clock is ticking on him though. At some point the military gets the green light to take down these corrupt individuals — Joe Lange


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