The more the media & poticians become aware of devolution, the more Trump trolls them about his shadow government.

“Grenell is my envoy to Kosovo.”

Pompeo: “Looking forward to working with Glen Youngkin.”

Meadows: “Trump’s cabinet met this week.” 

Enjoy the show. 🍿

—Praying Medic


POTUS 45 statement about Ric Grenell, who said in his interview with Kash Patel that he’s presently engaged in diplomatic discussions with parties in Kosovo, largely because the Biden State Department is ignoring them. —Praying Medic

The really beautiful irony here is this:

Hussein believed he was running a shadow presidency from 2016-present. 

He tailed 45 everywhere he went. 

But in fact, he was powerless. 

Patriots in control. 

–Nurse Deplorable


Q August 8, 2018 – They All Claim to be Insiders

Many people claim to provide classified information to their followers. Q reminds us that patriots do not violate national security laws.

A reminder about those who claim to have insider sources.