A comment by reader An Old Piece Of Leather:

“You probably already know this: Monkey Werx does a 30 minute video three times a week on Youtube tracking flights using the Flight Aware program. He has 30+ years in the industry working with defense contractors, so he knows specifics about almost all aircraft that’s US based, commercial/private/military and some foreign aircraft. He’s been on top of the zero-dark-thirty commercial contractor flights all over the country loaded with ‘bananas’, ‘pineapples’ and ‘poppies’ . Swift Air and American are two of the greedy contractors.

Some of those Boeing passenger jets are capable of carrying up to around 300 people. Some military aircraft, like C-17s and C-130s are very versatile – they can be fitted with skids that have seats attached, intended for moving troops but they’re being used to fly in foreigners from their countries. That ‘aide’ saying the average is 36 is lying through his teeth and out his /her ass. It’s more like 10X that. AND it started long before summer. Those from Haiti, Nigeria or Afghanistan aren’t walking to Mexico, yanno.

Our – your – elected representatives know about this, or should. There’s no excuse for that. We have a damn good idea why most of them are being complacent. These illegals are being flown to cities all over the country, 24/7/365. No testing for diseases – mumps, chicken pox, measles, HIV, COVID. None. They hand them a map, $2000 each and off they go. There are over a MILLION so far just this year.

This isn’t just Floridas’ problem it’s the whole nations’ problem.

It’s past time to make a helluva racket about it. It’s totally unacceptable.

**Monkey Werx doesn’t use formal nouns: Buydumb is ‘flash-bang’, Kameltoe is ‘Bob Marley’, the White House is the Senior Center, C i A is clowns in America, etc. There are other designations but these are so the YT audio algorithm doesn’t pick up his videos.”


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