Fleet in Danger? Metallurgist Comes Forward with the Truth About Navy Steel

Metallurgist found steel components for Navy submarines below standard. What did she do? She added more strength — but only on paper!

Q clued us in to investigate this as far back as Mar 6, 2018. (“His name we don’t say” is John McCain, a traitor to our country more horrid than Benedict Arnold.). (Suck on THAT, Meghan.)

“For 30 years, the Tacoma foundry … produced castings, many of which had failed lab tests and did not meet the Navy’s standards,” Thomas “… falsified test results to hide the fact that the steel had failed the tests. Thomas falsified results for over 240 productions of steel, which represent a substantial percentage of the castings Bradken produced for the Navy.”

A federal indictment said Thomas would change the first digit on a test result, providing a 10- to 20-foot-pound increase in the “amount of dynamic force” steel could resist.

Well, look here… how did Q know???