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    The Veep Leadership Vacuum 

Good morning, kids. Tuesday and before I get to the shocking (not) news that the confirmed animal and alleged mass murderer Darrell Brooks was unleashed on society by the Milwaukee DA’s office despite a rap sheet the size of a phone book (remember those?) that was a catalog of violent crime going back years, I want to Psaki-Psircle back to a story from last week that got lost in the sauce of the Rittenhouse trial, yet is absolutely relevant to Brooks, Kyle Rittenhouse and the powder keg that the anti-American Left is setting off all around us.

Last week, a video of a violent racist attack on a group of Asian-American students on a public train in Philadelphia was widely circulated on social media. The perpetrators were four African-American girls, one of whom was wearing a hijab.

It began with four perpetrators hurling racist abuse and intimidating and physically assaulting a group of Asian-American high school students who were sitting in close proximity. The Asian-American victims helplessly attempted to shield themselves from the violence.

In time, a senior Asian-American girl student attempted to intervene and bring a stop to the assault. This lead to her being the target of violence and abuse from the four African-American girls.

The Asian-American girl student was struck on her head multiple times and was slammed against the train doors. The assailant group kicked and punched her as she laid flat on the ground of the train compartment. One of the assailants even took off her shoe and used it to strike the victim multiple times.

A man eventually intervened before the video is halted. . . The question remains what caused the inconsolable rage in the minds of these teenaged African-American girls? . . . 

. . . Sadly, the attack on the SEPTA train will be followed by many other racist attacks. The rage that has been created simply cannot melt into thin air. The race hustlers hence have blood on their hands.

The litany of black-on-white and black-on-non-black attacks over the past 20 years and longer is mind boggling, not only in their sheer numbers, as was recorded in Colin Flaherty’s frightening eye-opener White Girl Bleed A Lot which was published nearly nine years ago, but for the fact that the media either embargoes these stories outright or failing that spins the facts faster than a dervish in an Iranian centrifuge, to create the narrative that the attack was somehow justified. Sound familiar? 

Blacks killing other blacks, in the form of gun play and involving young males in particular wastes the lives of thousands every year. And yet whenever there is a mass shooting somewhere, the shrieking to grab our guns is loud, vituperative and constant. Except of course if the mass shooting involves exclusively blacks. Well, black folk are indeed the victims of oppression and genocide, both before they’re born and if they escape a Planned Parenthood/DNC “d & c.”

Thank you, Barack Hussein Obama (‘mmm, mmm, MMM!!!”). Before he came on the scene, America for most part had put its ugliest aspect, racism, behind it. It should be noted that while racism was indeed an ugly aspect of our history, it was not the defining aspect of our history. The fact that we overcame it is the defining aspect of our history. Yet in the years since the end of the Civil Rights era, several unfortunate incidents were amplified by the usual suspects tore at the bandages and picked at the scars. I know people who, despite Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayer, Frank Marshall Davis and all the rest of it, still voted for this disturbed fool solely because he was black and to expunge the feelings of guilt over racism they never felt and oppression they never committed, in the hope that doing so would finally lead to the post-racial harmonious America of MLK’s “dream” being fulfilled.

And how did that work out for us? Not only did that not occur, but racism – that is the American left using it as a cudgel and pretext to accrue more and more power – have set us back 100 years in terms of race relations. Before I go any further, I need to state here for the record that whatever racism there was and is in this country is solely because of the Democrat Party and the anti-American Left. Yet they have weaponized it to such an extent, that thanks to the brainwashing of academia and the media for over 50 years now, the meme that America is structurally, institutionally an illegitimate, racist nation, stolen from indigenous peoples and built on slavery and oppression of non-whites is becoming more and more accepted as fact. This is not just in the typical blue urban shit-holes, which is bad enough, but in the heartland. 

This flies in the face of facts, history and reason. How can this be so if we elected and re-elected a black man to the presidency? Or if Oprah Winfrey can be worth an estimated $3.5-$4 billion dollars? If we are indeed what race hustlers like Ibram X. Krement claim, how does one account for the latter? Well, either both of them are bought and paid for Uncle Toms shucking and jiving while getting paid to help keep their fellow blacks down, OR, they made it because America actually is the freest, least racist society in history.

America as an institutionally racist nation and an illegitimate one is the same kind of Goebbels-level lie as the Soviet KGB-created myth of “Palestine” having been stolen by the Jews. And yet vermin like Darrell Brooks imitates one of his Hamas soul-mates and sends his SUV through a crowd of white Christians during the holiday season. 

None of this is accidental, of course. The actions of this walking cancer and all the other monsters and fiends – black and white who support BLM and are itching for race war – have been stoked by the Democrats to both distract from their abject failures and as a means to divide and conquer. More riots, more violence and voila – yet another crisis they can’t let go to waste. We’ll see if the Rittenhouse verdict makes those who seek to burn down America, and those who want to give them “the space to destroy” will think twice about lighting the tampon on that Molotov cocktail.

Smart money, become less and less valuable these days, says they won’t. And speaking of Obama, as Biden sundowns and takes Kamala with him, it’s not Mayor Peter Puffer that’s waiting in the wings. It’s Michelle. She just got her first $100 million from Bezos.

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