“Several weeks after my brother got the Pfizer shot he passed-out at home and was transported to the ER which discovered he had acquired heart problems.

To my surprise, not really because he is a leftist, the rest of the family were unable to discuss and acknowledge the VAX he had recently received.” — Buzz Kill

> The level of denial is beyond inapprehensible. Some of my friends and most of my colleagues are not be reasoned with. And your brother? He must have some epiphany after experiencing serious heart problems…

>> I gave up trying and simply say, “Be sure to get your booster”.

>>> Yeah, booster up! Is my cynical response.

>>>> As lefty brother, who had a heart attack after double J’s says “democrats are just smarter”. Regarding his HCM, he responds it can only be inherited and has nothing to with his choice to line up! He is planning on taking jabs 3 and 4 asap.