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I could go on and on…— Jewish Deplorable


“Vaccines during a pandemic CAUSE variants.

The real virus are the sociopathic fear mongers that are waging psychological war on your soul. 

STOP LISTENING to the whore media, governments, and academic fraudsters. 

This variant may or may not be a problem. 

But, THE ZELENKO PROTOCOL which inhibits RNA dependent RNA polymerase stops ALL strains.”

Vladimir Zev Zelenko MD


“The US has one of the highest death rates in the world right now from American medicine and the guidance of Fauci. You’ve got to take control of your own lives and you cannot rely on this academic industrial medical complex. They are completely failing you.”

Dr. Robert Malone, Inventor of mRNA Vaccine


“President Trump ordered the FDA to make hydroxychloroquine available to the American people. The FDA refused. They denied doctors the right to prescribe it and pharmacies the right to distribute it. They only allowed patients to have it when they were in the hospital, on their deathbed, and it was too late.”

Dr. Peter Navarro


“Nature said there is evidence by computational means of T-cell epitope escape and it appears that she’s talking about Spike. So there is a suggestion that this may escape T effector cells against us spike domains. She’s not speaking about general T-cell responses across the entire 50 plus virus of proteins and protein subunits.

So my prediction is that the broad-based immunity conferred by natural infection continue to provide greater protection against disease than the spike vaccines.  All the mutations that are being listed are in spike that have mutated to escape T-cell surveillance in addition to the receptor binding domains and upper body targets. I predict that those who have natural immunity will continue to have increased protection against the new variants compared to those that have received the spike vaccines.”

Dr. Robert Malone, Inventor of mRNA Vaccine