UPDATE!!! 💥💥💥💥

WP Tek helped me out. The answer was so simple:

Just to clarify here, all posts display at https://radiopatriot.net/ and posts load as the scroll. All comments can be seen by clicking on the post. Comments are only visible on the single post (not the posts page where all posts display). The posts page, your homepage, displays a short excerpt of the post and then visitors can click the post to read more.

I am not seeing your comments appear on the website. I see them when you write, and I approve them for publication with respective post, but they’re not showing up on the “front page”. Is it just on my end? Are you able to see/read your comments?

I’ve checked my settings and all seems to be in order, but before I contact the WP tekkies, I want to be sure it’s a universal problem, and not just on my end.