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Expert Virologist Warns: COVID-19 Vaccine is Creating a Global Catastrophe

By Michelle Edwards – March 16, 2021

UncoverDC reports:

Geert Vanden Bossche, DMV, Ph.D., is a vaccine expert and independent virologist from Belgium. He is one of the most passionate vaccine advocates in the world, having taught and worked extensively in virology his entire life in both the vaccine development industry and the non-profit sector, including with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and GAVI.

As enthusiastic as Vanden Bossche is about vaccines, he believes their current use in the COVID-19 pandemic presents a significant chance of worsening the virus instead of mitigating it. As he explained at the Vaccine Summit Ohio in March 2021, “Without human intervention, a pandemic ultimately results in herd immunity.”

No pandemic, including the Spanish and Swine flu, has ever lasted longer than two years. Once herd immunity is established, the return of the virus is controlled by our natural immune systems “thanks to their memory of previous encounters with the virus.”

According to Vanden Bossche, “the vaccines are not able to prevent viral spreadby vaccine recipients exposed to the emerging highly infectious strains of the virus. This is preventing herd immunity from happening.” Healthy individuals, including children — who have typically been the least likely to get the virus — are now increasingly exposed to circulating new virus strains without having the proper antibodies to fight them off

Vanden Bossche notes that while vaccination may offer short-term protection to an individual, mass vaccination of our society during the height of a pandemic will worsen the global situation by encouraging the virus to select specific mutations, allowing it to overcome ‘suboptimal’ immunologic hurdles, turning vaccinated individuals into asymptomatic carriers. Vanden Bossche maintains that discussions comparing efficacy and reduction of transmission of the current COVID-19 vaccines should stop as they are irrelevant in the current situation. Essentially, we will have created a phenomenon called vaccine-induced evolution, where the reduction in the effectiveness of a vaccine against a pathogen is attributable to the vaccine itself. He further explains:

The more we vaccinate using current vaccines, the more we’ll turn this beast into a monster. It requires only very few additional mutations (maybe one single?) for one or another of these highly infectious variants to become resistant… What will remain from the vaccination is the long-lived suppression of (our) natural immune system. For God’s sake, does no one realize the kind of disaster we’re up to?

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