Seth Keshel writes:

“What did Colonel K know about Thanksgiving and when did he know it?

I’d say he knew a thing or two about s***holes because he spent three years of his life fighting the VietCong in the jungles, and spoke frequently of the beer can houses lived in over in that part of the world, and the world under tyranny. 

He sent this to me when he was dying of cancer and I’d just arrived in Afghanistan. And I remember coming home for his funeral months later and marveling at routine interstate highways and multi-story buildings. 

The tour in Afghanistan ruined my desire to make the military a career but opened my eyes to what we forget we’ve been blessed with. 

Get busy living, or get busy dying. Samuel Adams said it best – “we ask not your counsel or arms; go home from us in peace,” to those unwilling to resist tyrants… right before he said “may posterity forget ye were our countrymen.”

Give thanks for another day to be the fabric of this nation and remember the lessons of those who have gone before us.”