Chesa Boudin’s parents were in the Weather Underground

Yes, really 

He is the current DA of San Francisco

–Jack Posobiec

There’s a lot more to this story…

“In 1981, when Chesa Boudin was 14 months old, his parents — members of the radical and violent Weather Underground — left him with a babysitter so they could take part in an armored car robbery. It became one of New York’s most notorious botched heists, a crime that left two police officers and a Brink’s truck guard dead in a New York suburb.”

With his parents in prison, Boudin was raised in Chicago by Weather Underground founder Bill Ayers and his wife, Bernardine Dohrn, both of whom had been federal fugitives in the 1970s for their anti-war activities. Boudin would go on to study at Yale and Oxford, where he was a Rhodes Scholar. He would later spend a decade traveling in South America, working, among other jobs, as a translator for Venezuela’s president at the time, Hugo Chavez, before becoming a public defender in San Francisco.”

NBC News


In whose living room did Barack Hussein Obama begin his political career?

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