Q is real. Anon is not.” — Brian Cates

Will wonders never cease… Brian Cates, a longtime disputer of the Q information platform.

As one observer commented, “Pretty big coming from Cates who has pretty much stayed neutral.”

Another commented, “Wow…never thought he’d admit it. I suspected he secretly followed Q.” (Note: I did too)

And another, “I always assumed he believed in Q.  He posted about Sessions years ago on twitter and I knew he thought the same way anons did.  I assume it wasn’t very wise to be a public figure and admit to believing in Q so that’s why he never said anything.”

“After he and his brother had been hanging out with hardcore Q deniers/haters…BIG up!! to him!!!”

“I think he’s addressing the obvious. Q is real – irregardless as to who is behind it. Qanon is the fairytale the media has crafted.”

“I was just thinking why the heck is Brian posting that haha, thought he was making fun of q over the years”

“I wrote something about this yesterday. Something is up. He’s been an ardent hater of all things ‘kew.’ Now, every other post is a reference. It’s either what it is or, something sinister.”

Pepe Lives Matter replied with a meme:

And a word to the wise from IET 17:

“Also- no one knows the day or hour Q comes back (if they ever do at all) 

No one knows what Q will do. 

No one knows when the flood will occur.

There are no outside Comms. 

No one on telegram is in contact with Q. 

No one on social media is in contact with Q. 

If there is indeed someone in contact with Q on social media it would be to watch and they would never admit it or ever draw attention to themselves in regards to being in contact with Q or being a part of Q. 

They would never discuss operations. 

They would never give you details. 

You don’t advertise to the enemy what’s going on in a war. 

Operators never divulge. Ever. 

This was made abundantly clear from Q.  

Anyone telling you otherwise is either giving you false hopium and/or full of shit and are 🤡s 

Stop listening to clowns. 

Stop following clowns. 

Stop letting your emotions affect your logic. 

This is a war on your mind. 

It doesn’t mean Q isn’t real. 

It doesn’t mean it’s not habbening. 

It just means those people are clowns, fake maga, infiltrators, etc. 

I don’t even have to mention their names- this applies to anyone and everyone.”