@DawsonField has the BEST analysis of its significance! 

HERE’s  ⬆️ a one page summary of the 💥 KABOOMS 💥 and there are many! 

Durham “has the receipts” 💥 

JAN 2016 START of fake collusion setup 💥 

A FISA on Sussman? #FISAWorksBothWays 💥 

FBI TOLD NYTIMES Muh Russia Collusion by Trump was FALSE! 💥 

Hillary’s FUSION GPS failed to convince FBI Trump was guilty 💥 

DOJ dragging OTHER 3 letter agencies into “briar patch” and DECLASSIFYING DOCS! 💥 

Sussmann name hidden in docs as misspelled Sussman  #MisspellingsMatter 💥 

FBI Gen Counsel James Baker = Whistleblower? 💥 

Horowitz worked DIRECTLY with Durham, bypassing OIG staff? #NoLeaks 💥 

And finally…

Durham asking for? 

Just a BIT more time… 

til 3.18.22 #MarchMadness 💥 

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