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Prosecutors sought call, email records of Bannon attorney, defense team claims

Robert J. Costello, one of Steve Bannon’s three criminal defense attorneys, also represented him during negotiations with the Jan. 6 select committee.

BREAKING: Prosecutors have obtained court orders to access phone and email records of Steve Bannon’s attorney


BREAKING: Chris Cuomo’s legal team blew the whistle on the Zucker while negotiating his severance package. Cuomo argued that he should not be penalized for a conflict of interest with his brother when Zucker was guilty of his own


BREAKING: Polish immigrants just arrived in Ottawa with thousands of  Polish sausages and bread for the truckers 

“We came from communism. We want a free country.”


UPDATE: @RebelNewsOnline has obtained a helicopter and is now flying to the US-Canada border to support the truckers

AOC went on TV to talk about Ukraine-Russia and seriously brought up climate change

BREAKING: City of Ottawa to hold press conference on trucker convoy soon

Imagine if they had asked AOC to name any other countries that border Ukraine

BREAKING: Ottawa Police Chief asks citizens to please stop calling 911 to ask where Justin Trudeau is

BREAKING: Ottawa Police say they may need to call in the military on the truckers

Are you paying attention yet?