Back to doing my evening jigsaw puzzles (it calms me) and listening to podcasts, last night I caught up on several of X22 Report’s Dave’s Spotlight Interviews.

All excellent, but three of them really caught my attention and gave me pause:

Dr. Zelenko gave me information that I didn’t have, and I thought I was pretty up to date with the Covid story. Nope. What Zelenko said was shocking.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny and Clay Clark. Amazing.

The next interview was with podcast host Frank of Quite Frankly, who absolutely did not understand why President Trump touts his success in quickly getting the vaccines out to the public (“warp speed”). Frank is/was among many who hate it when Trump beats his chest over it. Dave BRILLIANTLY explained the backstory, something that MAGA movement supporters who don’t get it MUST understand. And once you do, you’ll know the why. Don’t miss this one. Dave is magnificent in his explanation.