I’m supporting a select few candidates across the country to join me in Congress to fight for the America First agenda.

The America First agenda can only become a reality if I have allies in Congress. 

That’s why I’m endorsing @robbystarbuck in Tennessee’s 5th Congressional district. 

America is at a tipping point because of the Democrat America Last agenda. 

Skyrocketing inflation. Supply chain crisis. Empty shelves. High gas prices. Invasion at our southern border. 

We cannot Save America and Stop Communism with weak, timid RINO Republicans who refuse to fight back. 

Impeaching Joe Biden. Firing Dr. Fauci. Stopping the economy-crushing Green New Deal. Breaking up Big Tech. Defeating the Democrats. 

Robby will put People over Politicians and stand up to the Communist Democrats and DC establishment swamp. 

Robby Starbuck is what Congress needs & he has my complete endorsement!

You Tube permanently banned Dan Bongino and Spotify is deleting some of Joe Rogan’s podcast.

Communists hate free speech.

Communist Democrats and Corporate Communists are the unholy union destroying Americans freedoms.

The monopolies must be broken up and Communism must be stopped.

I’m calling on President Biden to #ReleaseTheTranscript of his phone call with Ukrainian President Zelensky.

America deserves transparency.

Joe Biden is compromised because of his son Hunter Biden’s corrupt business deals in Ukraine and can’t be trusted.

Remember Burisma.

Before I was elected in 2020, I was a regular American.  I’d wait hours to get in a Trump rally because I loved President Trump and truly believed in Make America Great Again. 

The Democrats and the fake news called us “Deplorables” and look down on us because they view average Americans as a tool to manipulate to achieve their goals.

The Democrats and the fake news media were the enemies to our cause and the President we loved, but we found out the RINO’s, who never wanted Trump and seemingly sabotaged his agenda that we supported, were our enemies as well.

The people aren’t stupid and can’t be fooled.

Now I’m in Congress and I never changed who I support and what I believe in.

MAGA is worth fighting for because it’s not about the Swamp, it’s about the people.

Americans are so tired of the drama in Washington that consistently ruins their lives, especially our children, while the elites live a different standard.

The Biden admin is obsessed with gender lies that destroy women’s sports and privacy rights, racist ideas about who gets picked and who gets funding based on skin color, defunding police that’s getting police killed and creating high amounts of terrifying crime, wide open borders and flying illegal migrants across America in the dark of night on the taxpayers dime, and tyrannical masks and covid vaccine mandates that everyone is sick of regardless of how they vote.

And Congress?

Well Congress only cares about riots that affected them and could care less about riots that hurt Americans.

Enough of the drama!