Julians Rum:
“Everyone needs to be extra careful to not share fake news vids in the coming days. Lot of fake shit gonna be floating around. Discernment.”

Jack Posobiec:

“Xi will take Taiwan as soon as possible now. Everything just changed.”

Brian Cates:

“Prepare for the Million Man Swim if Xi tries that. Taiwan and Japan have military capability Jack isn’t telling you about.”

Insider Paper:

Just Human:

Something to keep in mind during this time…

The news has been weaponized against us ALL OF OUR LIVES! 

Now, with Devolution active, Trump and his Team are weaponizing the news AGAINST the Biden Admin, against the Swamp, against the Corrupt Media, and against the Deep State. 

Keep that in mind as you read/hear takes from Trump, Pence, Pompeo, Grenell, Kash, and others. 

Information Warfare 

Perception Warfare

Cognitive Warfare”

SpyGate Down the Patriot:

The purpose of a New World Order is to consolidate power among the elite, I think we can agree on that. No more vying for control with peasants. 

To achieve this NWO you must get rid of boundaries between nations and you must punk out nationalistic identity. 

Erase the borders, rise of populism, control the media, dispense with religion and family social order, crash the economy, digitize fear. All the good stuff we see these days. 

Democracies are too messy, Constitutional republics are too powerful, Decentralized control is inefficient. Who wants to bother with recall elections and insurrections and voting machines if you don’t have to?

You have to centralize control in the hands of a committee where you can dispassionately guide the ship without all the hubbub from the little people.  

We need to stop thinking of this war terms of communism/socialism/democracy. This is Globalism or Not Globalism. 

It’s a big club, and you’re not in it. George was profane, profoundly irreverent, and often painful to watch. 

But he got this one right. 


Babylon Bee:

Biden Announces He Will Move To Unfollow Putin On Twitter

READ: https://babylonbee.com/news/biden-announces-he-will-move-to-unfollow-putin-on-twitter/