Compelling Conversations – US BioLabs in Ukraine

Brian Cates:

“Grennell is going to sell the “Biden’s weakness and mismanagement caused this.” Do NOT expect to see any players on Team Trump give straight talk about bioweapons labs or Putin being a white hat.  The normies will never accept it, so they are given a narrative they can embrace where they reject Biden and want a strong US foreign policy again. We’ll know what really happened. It may never be publicly acknowledged.  But the cabal loses Ukraine, the bioweapons lab, and then gets exposed and prosecuted, and the narrative will be “Biden’s weakness caused a war that ended up exposing all of this.””

Joe Lange:

“I’m beginning to lean towards Zelensky being in on the trap and helping Trump and Putin. If he signs a peace deal he basically chops the legs out from under NATO and the cabal

 I have a feeling Zelensky is in on this. I think Putin is degrading the cabal so Zelensky can remove the corruption but we’ll see

I think it will be over fairly quickly

Putin is taking great care in doing as little damage as possible in Ukraine

5 eyes was dismantled. They helped Obama spy on Trump

Lady C:

This post is from Just Human with a graphic showing evidence about the U.S. biolabs in Ukraine.   “Putin is destroying biolabs

Proving that Putin might be attempting to stop the US from releasing another bioweapon.”  ….The posts compiled in the graphic are pretty amazing.. are we getting to the real reason he is there – expose and destroy?!

By Radiopatriot

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