Joe Lange:

Spit Ball 

The global debt system is collapsing.

The Rothschilds cabal desperately needs a global financial reset.

Their original plan was a war between the US and Russia because Putin arrested the head of his central bank and the cabal wanted to replace the US as the lone super power with China.

Trump winning ended that plan.

They still need a war as cover for massive inflation and an excuse for a global reset.

Now they have one but not the huge war they hoped for.

I believe Trump with the help of Putin has just laid a trap.

Why would Biden and Europe remove Russia from SWIFT knowing it would spike the price of oil?

There’s a good possibility that oil heads to at least $125 a barrel if not more.

Russia supplies the world with a lot of energy so why hurt everyone?

They know it will drive inflation much higher.

They want to now use the war in Ukraine as the excuse for out of control inflation and blame Russia so they can try again for a global reset.

I believe Trump knew they would do this.

How do you expose the debt system and bankrupt it?

Drive inflation higher globally and then take away the excuse thus exposing the central banks.

I think Trump and Putin are killing two birds with one stone.

Putin takes down the cabal bio labs and stops the money laundering operation in Ukraine. Destroying a home base for the cabal and freeing the Ukrainian people.

Then Putin and Zelensky make a peace deal ending the war quickly, surprising the cabal.

At that point do they allow Russia back on Swift?

I don’t think so.

Inflation keeps going higher uniting the people against their governments.

Central banks fully exposed.

All just my opinion though