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Charles Haywood:

It is truly astounding to me how many generally reliable conservatives/people on the Right, having complained for years that the media is wholly unreliable propaganda, have suddenly forgotten the Gell-Mann effect and swallow everything they are told about the war in Ukraine.

Jack Posobiec:

There’s been a lot of reporting back-and-forth today about Poland and other NATO nations sending fighter jets to Ukraine. Doesn’t seem like any of it is confirmed at this point. Obviously would be a major escalation

DEBUNKED: Corporate Media’s Top Trending Ukraine Stories Turn Out To Be Complete Fakes.

Several popular stories chronicling Ukraine’s resistance against Russia’s ongoing invasion – including those promoted by American Congressmen – have turned out to be false despite garnering millions of shares and likes.

Look into the Clinton Foundation executives lobbying for Bidzina Ivanishvili to win the Georgian election in 2012 because it would be better for Russia. There are leaked / FOIAed emails explaining the whole scheme.

The Biden administration has been conducting a shadow war on US domestic oil production since the day he took office.  

Cheap oil hurts Putin

Expensive oil enabled the invasion of Ukraine

Putin doesn’t invade Ukraine with $50 oil, like we had under President Trump.

Zelensky said he was open to peace talks about Ukraine’s neutral status, then signed an application for EU membership and demanded Russia give back Crimea

At peace talks, Zelensky representatives demand full removal of Russian forces, including in Crimea and Donbass

Wouldn’t be surprised to see Russia attempt a breakout in the west to try and cut off the border with Poland to prevent the military arms from getting through

Zelensky calls for US military to secure Ukrainian airpace with No Fly Zone

Ragıp Soylu

⚡️⚡️ Putin told Macron that a settlement with Ukraine is possible only with unconditional consideration of * Recognition of Russian sovereignty over Crimea * demilitarization and denazification of the Ukrainian state * ensuring the neutral status of Ukraine — RIA

Michael Tracey

At least 99% of the US establishment is ardently pro-war. If you’re in favor of dumping billions of $$$ in high-grade weaponry into an active war zone, you’re in favor of the ensuing warfare. War is the one thing that always unites them, despite their fake partisan differences

Biden has disappeared

We dont have a president

Ukraine releases prisoners with “combat experience” to help fight Russia

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said the decision was vital “in terms of our protection” amid the ongoing attacks from Russia.

Zelensky to arm prisoners with combat experience to fight against Russian forces


Where’s Hunter!

White House silence is deafening

Biden refused to put pressure on Xi 

That’s all the leverage in the world on Russia

Remember this

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  1. This is just a game to all of these rotten to the core politicians! These people play games with other peoples lives. They are totally sick. This includes so many so called
    Republicans. I am so disgusted with our government. These are greedy evil people.

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