1) MASSIVE news coming from the Russian Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina! 

Russian Embassy claims “US filled Ukraine with biolabs”, and are accusing the US of producing bioweapons! #USBiolabs 

My hypothesis was correct! 

2) Before anyone questions the source, this is from Twitter verified, CNN Southeastern European Affiliate, @N1info .

This is from an official European news outlet, reporting the Russian displeasure with US biolabs in Ukraine. 

Credentials seen here.


3) So what does this mean big picture? It means my hypothesis was correct: The Russian air strikes in Ukraine had nothing to do with Ukraine, but rather AMERICAN ASSETS in Ukraine!

It means this “war” is MUCH bigger than Ukraine. Its a skirmish with the United States of America. 

4) This means the Russians just went to war with an American proxy and disabled US/NATO assets. These attacks are a direct accusation of the US of creating bioweapons near the Russian border. 

Putin has been publicly vocal about this for years. 

Vladimir Putin’s adviser says U.S. is developing biological weapons near RussiaNikolai Patrushev told Kommersant that the U.S. has labs by Russian and Chinese borders “reminiscent of Fort Detrick in Maryland.” https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.newsweek.com/russia-china-nikolai-patrushev-vladimir-putin-biological-weapons-1581896%3famp=1

5) Now, think even bigger picture. Think about the one thing that controlled the world for the last 2 years. How does C19 play a role?

Here is Moderna CEO on Fox, admitting the virus came from a lab, after we found THEIR PATENTED GENE SEQUENCE in C19… 

6) Are you able to make the connection? 

-C19 came from a lab
-The lab and research was funded by the US NIH
-Putin accuses US of creating bioweapons at his border
-Putin bombs US biolabs near his border

Putin is trying to prevent the US from “releasing” ANOTHER bioweapon. 

7) You can argue it was accidental or intentional. Regardless, the Russians don’t want the US having biolabs at their border, as US have proven themselves either:

-incompetent/careless for letting out a bioweapon


-evil/malicious and intentionally released a bioweapon 

8) Either way, Putin doesn’t want the US near their border with biological research, and neutralized a legitimate threat to his people. 

Now, think even bigger picture; why has the media spun this reality as “Russian disinformation”? 


9) At the very least, a world superpower is accusing us of creating and releasing a bioweapon, and has reason to believe we might do it again. 

Think about the ramifications of that. Think about why the media and Biden continue to paint Putin as a viscous dictator. 

10) Think about why the fact checkers are claiming there are no US biolabs in Ukraine. Think about why the US Embassy yanked all their docs on our biolabs in Ukraine.

They can try all they like, but all the evidence leads to the US creating C19, and Russia is not happy about it.

11) Once that cat is out of the bag, the rest of the dominoes fall. The entire C19 narrative is decimated. The reality is, the US government released a bioweapon known as C19.

Folks, this isn’t the beginning of WW3, the US initiated it 2 years ago… at a biolab in Wuhan, China.