The US guy who runs the US-Ukraine biolabs program can’t get through to his counterparts, but MSM knows Putin’s advance is not about bioweapons.

Breaking down Ukraine – let’s start with Zelensky’s $35M mansion in Sunny Isles, FL built by Kolomoisky and Pinchuk. $1.3B in the bank!!

Want a Ukrainian Billionaire to build you a $35M mansion? Say hi to Kolomoisky in Hallandale Beach! Want a $1.3B bank account like Zelensky at Dresden Bank? Run drugs for Coast Rica into the Kazak Consulate in Sunny Isles!

No waiting for Keewaydin! Joe Biden’s Maiden Christmas present. Belt and Road pipeline too! Victoria Nuland has a mansion for you and Zelensky!

Let’s count how many times Biden says “Keewaydin” – the place where Ukraine’s Maiden was hatched and an illegal overthrow began an eight year war of attrition on Donbas.

Ukraine is gunning for a $57B forgiveness in US debt. That’s why I followed the money to Kolomoisky and Zelensky.