Remember, the FBI, and MI, have an open investigation into the Clinton Foundation.

Why did Comey drop this? Who was the FBI director during the Haiti crisis? How many kids disappeared?

How much money was sent to Clinton Foundation under disguise of Haitian relief went to Haiti? What countries donated big money to CF and why?

How much was owed by accepting? When she lost, how would this be repaid?

What did Obama do with cash just prior to leaving office? Repayment to those who donated for favors/access? Dig!!!!!

Again, good people were forced into bed with this evil under personal and family threats. Could you live with yourself helping to cover up such evil despicable acts if given a safe way out?

These people worship Satan _ some openly show it.

Message to the enemy:

You will cease to exist.
Truth to power.
How’s the bunker these days?
[14] live
[PEOC force failed]