I posted this image this morning, screen capped from Scavino’s Truth Social post depicting Kash Patel and others departing Marine One:


This image has spawned a bit of speculation that a certain gentleman in the photo might be “Q”. Read the following to see what others are spitballing.



Kash posted this today and tags Scavino.

Devin said Scavino was with Kash & little q last night….

So are they pointing us to this photo?

Are one of these two randoms little q?

I don’t know.


Brian Cates:

Nunes includes Kash, Scavino and little q in a post again.

Kash responds he’s drinking with Scavino and little q. 

Then Scavino replies back with a picture of Devin with a Dorsey beard. 

I have no idea what’s going on.

Actually it’s more likely Q took the picture

After giving it some thought, Cates takes it one step further, reposting this from anon_fa_mous…

“This guy was with Kash the day after Kash posted he was having a beer with q. Brian Cates followed Kash and recorded this guy. 

This guy was also in the photo Kash posted this morning where he was with Scavino https://t.me/anon_fa_mous/979

Did we find little q? 

I dont know. Maybe.

h/t – @GaeilgeAK47