NOTE: I’ve been following George Webb’s reports since late 2015. He’s always been way ahead of almost every other investigative reporter, including the pre-Q research anons.

He hasn’t lost his edge.


This Ukrainian biolabs confirmation of our research group’s work only took four years. MSM is getting better!

George Webb – Investigative Journalist (Twitter)

Alternative media slowly catches to up to the US State Department running biolabs in Ukraine under the Defense Threat Reduction Agency – DTRA. We said Kolomoisky was spraying these pathogens in Africa two years ago in March 2020. We showed CNN the evidence, and they ignore it.

Gilead’s Hep C Sovaldi drug costs $800 a bottle normally, but only $250 a bottle in Ukraine. But what causes so much Hep C in Ukraine in the first place?

When you do the research work, the world is so predictable. The whole Ukrainian War is over bioweapons, Azov, and Kolomoisky.

Follow The Bioweapons Chase In Ukraine – Five Years Of Bioweapons Reporting Prepares Us For This Moment. 

Bloomberg says we have been “retroactively” reporting a Russian military action against Ukrainian DTRA BioLabs. Hey Bloomberg, we started reporting on the Ukrainian BioLabs in 2018. Do you see Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Lijian agrees?

I have only focused on the eleven Ukrainian BioLab for offensive military bioweapons. The other fifteen labs I believe are for defensive and peaceful purposes.

The original Hilary US State Department Blackberry carrier herself, Mrs Victoria “F the EU” in Ukraine Nuland, now is my best witness for US DTRA biolabs in Ukraine.

The Russian claims of Ukrainian bio labs are coming fast and furious.

Did the Russian pre-empt a February attack on Donbas. Were bioweapons IEDs involved? Did NATO’s “Suicide Balcony” Tardioli tip off the Russians?

Ukraine Bio CounterAttack Coming? Kolo had better get some stealth drones from Poland, otherwise, normal drones will be shot out of the sky by S-400/S-500.

A 100 fold increase in Donbas in Ukraine in infectious diseases? I think I am going to be right about the Mariupol biolab and Operation Sea Spray.

Listen to the Russian Defense Ministry Report.

I have annotated the Congo Crimea Hemorrhagic Fever and African Swine Fever mechanism of inhibition with Remdesivir’s RdRp inhibitor.

Here is the Boy Scout leader of Ukraine – Stephan Bandera. Read up a little on him.